Through Web services it is possible to get an access code (API key) that allows you to create a link with external software applications such as Silverfin or Intellifin. Hereby data can be requested for all types of projects (financial data, importing the data of sales invoices,..) . Take a look on our website for more information regarding the current external links. 

Only a user with the role of Portal administrator can set up the web services in the portal by creating an API key. This will only be valid for domains and administrations to which the portal administrator has access. A user with the role of Portal backoffice does not have access to these settings. 

In the Yuki backoffice portal you can click in the top right corner of your screen on Settings. By clicking on Webservices you can:

  • Have an overview of all the web service API keys
  • Add a new API key
  • View API key details
  • Edit API key details
  • Delete the API key