The WebServicAccessKey will be use to give the webservice access on domain, portal or administration level.

Each webservice contains one or more methodes to exchange information between applications/ services from external parties. You can hereby think about financial data, imput of sales invoices or access or upload to the archive.

You can provide access to the following webservices: 

  • Financial
    • export financial data for reporting
    • create general journals
  • Archive
    • Request information on GLaccounnts and transactions
  • Sales
    •    Create sales invoices
  • Workflow
  • Petty cash
    •     Import cash reports
  • UBL
  • Contacts
    • create and update contacts
  • Contacts (read-only)
    • export contact details


Only a user with the role 'Portal administrator' or 'Management' can setup the access rights for the webservice API keys.

Those access rights can be given on three levels:

  • on Portal level: given by the Portal administrator in Settings
  • on domain: given by the Portal administrator or Management
  • on administration level: given by the Portal adminstrator or Management