Sales - ProcessSalesInvoices(sessionID, administrationId, xmlDoc)

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Yuki web service - Sales invoices 

Customers that use an external automated system to create sales invoices, such as webshops (eg. Magento), ERP applications (eg. AutoTask) need to make an electronic connection with Yuki in order to import these sales invoices in their administration. This web service is specifically developed for this matter and serves as an alternative to manually input sales invoices within the Yuki web application. 


If necessary, set up your invoice settings

In case the payment method Direct Debit is used in your invoices or you want to send your sales invoices by email, you need to specify this in your sales settings. Go to your general settings and click afterwards on Sales settings. For more information regarding sales settings, please refer to the article Sales settings.

Create the XML with sales invoices 

Collect all the invoice details in an XML file and submit it to our web service. The web service will validate the XML file according to the XML schema (XSD). In case the XML file is not validated by the web service, the process will be cancelled and the web service will send a detailed validation notification. 

Use the web service method with the respective XML message 


If the validation process is successfully completed, the invoices will be extracted from the XML file and processed one by one in your administration. During the processing of an invoice, new contact persons (customers) and products will be automatically created. Existing contact persons will be matched by means of a reference or name and address details. Existing products will be matched by their description. In case the product details differ from the saved details such as price, VAT percentage or ledger account number, the new details found in the current invoice will be recorded. 


The process will be cancelled for incomplete or incorrect invoices by which all actions will be undone such as the creation of new contact persons or products. An invoice can be marked as incomplete when new products are offered without prices or VAT percentages or when new contact persons are provided without address details. A complete and correct invoice can be sent by email to the customer after it is processed automatically. In case an existing invoice lay out is recorded in the XML file, the respective lay out will be used. 

Status response

At the end of the processing process, the web service will create a response XML file in which you can find the processing status of the invoices and possible validation notifications. This XML file is specified in an XML schema (XSD) and can be processed by your application. You can find an example in below link. 

The status and processing of invoices is determined by means of a number of parameters that have to be recorded for each invoice. 

For a functional description of the fields in the sales invoices XML, please refer to the article Sales: Functional description of fields sales invoices XML

ProcessSalesInvoices(sessionID, administrationId, xmlDoc)

Creates sales invoices based on the submitted XML file. 



The session ID as it is given with the Authenticate method (accessKey). 


The identifier of the administration. For a description on where to find the administrationID, please refer AdministrationID. 


The XML fragment with the sales invoices.

Web address of the XML schema for sales invoices

Web address of the XML schema for the web service response

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