Ledger account

While creating a sales item, you select the ledger account upon which should be processed.
In case an existing sales item is not identified, Yuki will select the ledger account 700000.
If a ledger account recorded in the webshop differs from the default ledger account in Yuki, the ledger account from the webshop will be selected.


The prices are determined beforehand by means of the price lists in Yuki and are linked to the sales items. In case an item is selected in the webshop, the item will be automatically retrieved in Yuki. The price that is recorded in the price lists will then be selected. 

There are a couple exceptions: 

  • The choice of item depends on which price list is selected. If this is not determined, Yuki will automatically select the default price list. 
  • In case the item does not exist yet in Yuki, it will be created in the default price list with the price recorded in the webshop.
  • The price in the webshop has priority. This means that if the item in the webshop and the item in Yuki match one another but the price differs, the price in the webshop will be selected.