Yuki Web service - SearchContacts

This web service shows a list of contacts from a domain that comply to the entered search criteria. 



The session ID as given in the Authenticate method (accessKey). 

The identifier of the administration. For a description on where to find the administrationID, please refer AdministrationID.


(searchoption value - explanation)

  • All - searches in all fields to the entered SearchValue
  • Name
  • City 
  • Postal code 
  • Tag
  • Email
  • Website
  • Phone
  • Code - contact code 
  • CoCNumber - Chamber of Commerce number
  • VATNumber 
  • BankAccount 


The search value is sought in one of the above search options. 

sortOrder (how results are sorted)

(sortOrder value - explanation)

  • Name - Full contact name (first name + middle name + last name)
  • LastName 
  • CreatedAsc - Ascending order based on creation date
  • CreatedDesc - Descending order based on creation date 
  • ModifiedAsc - Ascending order based on modified date
  • ModifiedDesc - Descending order based on modified date
  • HID - Sorted on unique Human ID

This filter only shows contacts in the search result after a given modified date.

(active value - explanation)

  • Both - Shows both active as inactive contacts in the search result
  • Active - Only shows active contacts in the search result 
  • Inactive - Only shows inactive contacts in the search result 

With a result of 100 contacts it is possible that there are more pages available. Click on the coming pageNumber until no more results are found.