Yuki Web service - General journal entries 

This web service allows you to import certain general journals. This can be very useful for recurring entries such as payroll journal entries, depreciations and sales journal entries.

Below you can find a link to the XML scheme in order to obtain this web service and simplify the process of importing general journals.


Collect the general journal entries in an XML file and submit it to our web service. The web service will validate the XML file by means of an XML scheme (XSD). In case the file will not be validated, the process will be cancelled and you will receive a notification explaining the validation errors. 


1. Submit the XML file to our web service 

2. Validation and process 

  • The sum of all lines has to be 0,00. If this is not the case, the entire file will be rejected. 
  • The date of the various transaction lines has to differ from one another. However, the balance of all transactions with the same date has to be 0,00 once again. 
  • It is possible to record a contact for each entry. This can be done by entering the full name and/or contact code. The contact code has priority. If the code cannot be found, the software will look by name to find a match. In case the contact cannot be found by code nor name, a new contact will be created. 

Status response

At the end of the procedure, the web service will respond by sending the ID of the generated general journal file as a GUID string. Or in case the file could not be generated, the web service will send an error notification by means of a SOAPException. 

For a functional description of the fields, please refer to the article Accounting: functional description general journals XML

ProcessJournal(sessionID, administrationID, xmlDoc)

Based on the submitted XML, the ProcessJournal will create a general journals file. 



The session ID as given in the method Authenticate (accessKey). 


The identifier of the administration. For a description on where to find the administrationID, please refer AdministrationID.


The XML with the general journals file

Web address of the XML scheme with the general journals entry