This web service offers the possibility to collect information about ledger accounts and transactions. This web service works via SOAP.  

Web address

The web service, test application, description of fields and procedures can be found on below web address:

AccountingInfo Methods

GetGLAccountScheme(sessionID, administrationID)

Collects all ledger accounts (GL accounts) of the current domain.

GetPeriodDateTable(sessionID, administrationID, yearID)

Provides the start date of the administration.

GetStartBalanceByGLAccount(sessionID, administrationID, yearID, financialMode)

Provides the balance of all GL accounts.

GetTransactionDetails(sessionID, administrationID, GLAccountCode, StartDate, EndDate, financialMode)

Provides transactions details of a GL accounts in the period between start date and end date.

GetTransactionDocument(sessionID, administrationID, transactionID)

Returns the document.

General methods


Provides a session ID based on a valid web service access code.

AuthenticateByUserName(userName, password)

Provides a session ID based on a valid Yuki username and password.


Provides all domains that can be accessed through the used access code.

SetCurrentDomain(sessionID, domainID)

Sets the current domain for the session.


Collects the ID of the session's current domain.